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Place a small amount of clay into a bowl or cup, add just the right amount of water until to get a paste with the consistency of buttermilk. Mix using either a plastic or wooden spoon. [DO NOT USE A METAL SPOON!] Spread the paste onto your face avoiding your eyes. Wait until the facial mask dries and hardens and then wash off with warm water and pat dry. Follow with face lotion or moisturizing cream.

CAUTIONS: Not for internal use.

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Bentonite Clay Facial Mask Bentonite clay facial mask

Treat yourself to a spa treatment with this clay mask. This particular clay is perfect for oily skin, and is easy to mix. Just add a small amount of the clay to a bowl or cup and add just the right amount of water to it to get the paste into the consistency of buttermilk. Stir it with a plastic or wooden spoon (DO NOT USE A METAL SPOON!). Once you get it to the right consistency, then spread in over your face, taking care to avoid your eyes and wait until it dries and hardens. Afterwards, wash your face off with warm water. It is recommended to use a facial moisturizer afterwards.

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